Transparent Fees

Our fees and charges will be entirely transparent to you. We do not enter into
secret commission arrangements with factories or accept agent incentives.

Protect clients’ interest and minimize their risks

We strive to offer easy and stress-free business solutions and we work for and on behalf of our customers every step of the way.

Management of costs/risks and quality for our customers

We strive to achieve the lowest possible price for our customers’ desired quality grade.

Contract Manufacturing and Quality Management

Method of support, a technique that is used to make inferences from datasets support of distribution.

Customers’ direct payment to manufacturers

Our customers pay the manufacturers directly and are aware of all costs involved.

No vested interests

We honestly and openly work on our customers’ behalf in all aspects of our clients’ business.

Strategic advice and consultancy

We are able to provide our customers with advice based on their goals and future direction so that they can plan effective strategies for growth.

Clear Communication

We are foreign-operated with a deep knowledge of the Asian markets and cultures. We ensure clear and direct communication throughout the process.

High level of Individual Customer Service

We tailor our services to our customers’ individual requirements and operating practices.

Sourcing directly from manufacturers

It allows to lower costs, tailor-make products to customers’ requirements and a greater control of the whole manufacturing process.

Pro active role

We are our customers’ eyes and ears in Asia. We offer value added services such as market research, recommendations on products/services that could lead to a profitable opportunity for our customers…

Long Term Partnerships

We want to be your long-term trusted partner and we are confident that once you work with us, you will become our loyal and valued customer.
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