Who We Are


We are a small and nimble company totally focused on managing and controlling the entire spectrum of logistics and sourcing needs of our clients acting as their eyes and ears in Asia.
Over the years we have developed a large network of strong suppliers resulting in the company being able to offer a wide range of products made by loyal manufacturing partners who are striving for excellence throughout the production process.
We are a pure service provider. Our business model is one of complete transparency. Every cost component in the supply chain is known and there are no hidden charges or superfluous fees. As a sourcing partner, we eliminate traders, brokers and other unnecessary intermediaries, thereby linking our clients directly with suppliers. Our customers will pay the manufacturers directly.
As all of our clients have unique sourcing needs, we tailor our sourcing services to their individual requirements and operating practices. We are squarely on the side of the client. We take the view that our clients’ interests are our interests and use our best efforts to protect those interests in all aspects of our client’s businesses.
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